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LOONA : Latest News, Photos and Videos

LOONA (LOONA)'s Vivi & Hyunjin also broke up with BlockBerryCreative. The situation where five members, who lost the lawsuit seeking a temporary injunction to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract, remain. . .

"LOONA" former member Chuu reportedly signed the exclusive contract with ATRP ATRP and . .

●ATRP is a new entertainment company created mainly by Kim Jinmi, who has served as general director at WM Entertainment and discovered A1B4, OHMYGIRL, and ONF. .

Entertainment Management Association judged the grounds for Chuu(from "LOONA")'s the double contract were incomplete. .

● Former management office Blockberry CreatIVE claimed that she violated the contract by contacting BY4M studio before she left. .